Chevron Pattern Generator

Create a custom chevron pattern using our Chevron Pattern Generator!

chevron pattern generator

Standard Thin Chevron

Ordinary chevron pattern.

chevron pattern generator

Standard Thick Chevron

Thicker chevron pattern.

chevron pattern generator

Chevron with Jitter

Jitter randomizes the depth of the chevron.

chevron pattern generator

Chevron with Bisecting Lines

Why not add vertical lines?

chevron pattern generator

Chevron Space Ships

Not everything is what it seems.

chevron pattern generator

Solo Chevrons

Vertical lines with square corners.

Polka Dots and Squares Pattern Generator

Create a custom polka dot pattern using our dots Pattern Generator! Dots have roundness, meaning they can be square or round.

polka dot pattern generator

Polka Dots

Normal polka dots

polka dot pattern generator

Checkerboard Pattern

Roundness = 1 = square.

polka dot pattern generator

Overlapping Squares Pattern

Squares with stroke

10 Print Pattern Generator

Based on one line of code run on a Commodore 64 basic program. Course this is more like 100 lines of code.

10 Print pattern generator

Standard 10 Print

Run of the mill 10 Print

10 Print pattern generator

Less Random 10 Print

Less randomness with color jitter

10 Print pattern generator

Fuzzy Blue Boxes

Thick, line jitter and low opacity

Maurer Rose Generator

A Rose is a Rose according to Mr. Maurer. Normally you draw a line between the points, but I also find it interesting to draw shapes too.

Maurer rose generator

Standard Maurer Rose

N = 2, D = 29. Just the usual stuff.

Maurer rose generator

Lets Draw Boxes Instead

Instead of lines we draw rectangles, and then also modify N and the radius on each pass.

Maurer rose generator

Hue Made me do it

Add to radius each iteration, draw circles, modify the hue and lower the opacity.

Schotter Generator

George Nees was a Pioneer of generative art, some how created this in the 60s on a plotter? Schotter is German of Gravel.

Schotter generator

Standard Schotter

Just the usual schotter.

Schotter generator

Circles that Shrink

Shrinking cirlce schotter, with some randomization of their luminance.

Schotter generator

Minimally Chaotic Colored Squares

Minimal chaos with HSL randomness. If there is Fill and Stroke with HSL changes they will be different colors.

About these Generators...

I originally created these generators to help in the design of greeting cards and other designs that we make in our photo lab -, but we no longer do that and it turns out I enjoy both the art that can be made and creating the code to do it. These generators are inspired by videos from The Coding Train on Youtube and use the P5JS library.

Busy patterns can take time to generate.